• Here's What People Have to Say About Kara

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    I would recommend Kara Fulop to anyone! I truly cannot say enough positive things about her. Kara is warm and inviting and lets you share at your own pace. She keeps an open and unbiased mind and genuinely cares about you as a person. Not only does Kara truly listen to what you tell her you need, she intuitively senses and provides support for needs you may have not even recognized. Kara’s personality is warm and genuine with just the right amount of humor and spunk to break up difficult moments. Whether you need practical strategies to implement, a sounding board, or you just need to vent out loud to someone, Kara is the therapist for you. Her adaptability makes her an incredible support for whatever you are going through, even if it changes over time. Kara is amazing at providing resources between sessions and always tries to be available for unscheduled support. She is extremely flexible with her appointment times, which makes sessions easy to schedule amidst busy lives (especially around kids’ bed times, work, and other obligations). I could go on but the bottom line is that Kara is a top tier, phenomenal therapist who WILL make an incredible difference in your life!

    “She is an excellent therapist. She helps me define and execute my goals for my mental, emotional, and physical well being. She meets with me virtually every week, and has very flexible hours. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.”

    “Kara has been instrumental in supporting my daughter’s mental health journey. She always makes time for my daughter. Kara has been instrumental in providing my daughter with the tools and strategies she has needed to smile again.”

    “Kara Fulop has been a blessing to me and my family. She always helps me no matter what and is truly a life saver. (15 yr old teen)”

    “I love working with Kara Fulop! I’ve had experiences where therapy was just the therapist talking about themselves the whole time and she has shown me otherwise. She’s helped me so much through many tough situations and is a very positive, respectful person.”

    “It’s been so simple and painless to get a counselor for my 12 year old son. He’s been meeting with Kara Fulop for a few months now (about once a week, every other week more recently). His anxieties have eased greatly since speaking with her. She has given him very simple yet useful tools to help keep his thoughts under control. Would highly recommend!”

    “My 11 year old son sees Kara Fulop. I could not possibly write enough good things about her. She’s wonderful and has helped him so much. He has a habit of shutting down when he gets frustrated, but Kara can read his body language, even on the Zoom/Telehealth sessions, and knows how to get him to talk to her. She gives him good strategies and coping skills. And, bless her heart, listens to him talk non-stop about Minecraft for a designated chunk of their session time. Kara keeps me in the loop with his issues and what they’re working on, and is super fast at replying to my emails. We love her.”

    “Our sessions with Kara on Zoom, provide a professional and comfortable environment to discuss a variety of issues. These sessions have helped us focus on important issues and have helped us in working through them and improved our quality of life.”

    “Kara is terrific! She’s very relatable and easy to talk with. She really listens, remembers what you’ve discussed together and offers great perspective and ideas to help deal with and/or solve issues. I can’t recommend her enough!”

    “Kara Fulop’s expertise and compassion has helped our family in so many positive ways! Her insight has made certain behaviors easier to understand, which has allowed us to adapt and to hopefully eventually overcome a difficult situation. Kara is so easy to talk to – you will feel like you are talking to a close friend from the very start.”

    “I’ve worked with Kara Fulop on a professional basis and think she’s amazing. She’s passionate about overall well-being and gives 110% in everything she does.”

    “I’ve known Kara Fulop professionally for 8+ years. She is an exemplar in her field who is always striving to not only learn more, but also contribute to the field of counseling so that others continue to grow. Kara has been an integral leader with the Virginia Counselor’s Association and volunteers countless hours helping counselors in our field access continuing education. Her attention to detail and dedication to others makes her an outstanding member of our counseling community.”

    I have have had an on again off again series of relationships with therapists over the years for trauma work. I wish someone had directed me sooner to see a therapist that specializes specifically in trauma, and more specifically to see Kara Fulop.  My whole life I assumed as long as a therapist’s credentials included that they covered trauma it was the same thing as specializing in it. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. So, if you’re working through trauma I implore you to work with someone who specializes in trauma work. My life has changed drastically since I met Kara. Within the first ten minutes of working with her I knew things were different. My healing actually began in the first session, whereas with other therapists I had seen them for months and months and we never came close to tackling what Kara has helped me to work through in the short time I’ve been seeing her. She has given me the hope that I started to lose. She is a beautiful soul that creates a safe haven for you while inserting appropriate bouts of humor just when you need it. She is personable, warm, and caring all while digging deep and truly getting to the core of the trauma you’re working through. I can’t thank her enough for all she gives of herself to help me along my healing journey and highly recommend her if you’re looking to start yours.”

    “Kara is the BEST therapist I’ve ever had, hands down. She is extremely attentive to detail and knows how to meet a client where they are in their own journey. Kara also knows what questions to ask, and when to ask them. She encourages her clients to be introspective”. 

    “Kara is one of the most authentic, genuine, counselors I’ve had the pleasure of knowing! She’s easy to talk to, her credentials speak for themselves, and you can tell she loves what she’s doing!”

    “If you’re looking for a truly transformative experience to heal from your trauma then you need not look any further. When you work with Kara you can expect to truly grow and heal from whatever experiences you may have gone through (whether they are from your past or present day or both).  Kara works side by side with you through the process and will push you for the better while respecting the pace you need to go at. In and out of sessions she is your biggest cheerleader and wraps you in love and safety, allowing you to really dive into the work that’s needed for healing. I’ve yet to meet someone that has the ability to walk the path with you like she does while simultaneously accelerating your healing. Thank you Kara for all you do and for all you are!

    “Kara is nothing short of amazing.  I happened to be assigned to her, but I cannot believe how lucky I was for that to happen. I’ve worked with several other therapists, so I entered the process with a huge boulder on my shoulder and she still managed to be life changing.  She has this unparalleled ability to know when to push, when to slow down and when to talk about the weather.  You will not find someone better in the field.

    “I say this all the time, because it’s true: Kara is the BEST therapist I have ever had. She is extremely professional AND has a great sense of humor. It’s hard to find a therapist who can do both of those things successfully, especially when working with people who have trauma. Kara also has so much knowledge when it comes to working with patients who have PTSD. I feel as if I have made so much progress in therapy that I am actually gradually reducing my appointments — which is bittersweet, because I love working with Kara, but it also means that the therapy is WORKING! She always says, “Take care of you,” and I’m finally getting to that point, slowly but surely!  I could say so much more, but in conclusion, I highly recommend seeking out Kara’s services for anyone who struggles with PTSD.” 

    “I send clients to Kara for their therapy needs. I have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding Kara’s services. She is empathetic and collaborates with other healthcare providers to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care. Don’t hesitate to book with her!”

    “Kara Fulop is an excellent therapist! Instead of berating you with questions or making assumptions, she encourages YOU to work through your emotions and to reflect on the scenarios that are making you upset. I have been seeing Kara for almost two years, and she has inspired me to love myself and those around me. I have been able to forgive myself and those that I used to have issues with, and that is all because of Kara Fulop. She is an amazing therapist for anyone, no matter what problems they face!”

    “Words cannot express how much Kara has helped our family. She has helped both of our kids navigate depression, uncertainty, the isolation of a pandemic, and a multitude of other issues related to just being a kid/teenager in todays very complicated world. She quickly became a person we as parents could count on and reach out to for guidance when needed. Kara is responsive, caring and a true blessing to our family. We cannot thank her enough!”

    “Kara is a treasure as a counselor. You will absolutely not find anyone more open, non-judgmental and easy to talk to than her. She listens, asks thoughtful and probing questions, and is easily accessible. Her style of CBT makes you feel at home as soon as her warm smile graces your presence, and I’m so so thankful I have gotten to learn from her”   

    “I am incredibly grateful for Kara,  who has transformed my healing journey. Her compassion, expertise, and unwavering support have made a profound impact on my life. From the very beginning, she created a safe space where I felt heard and understood. Her tailored approach, deep knowledge, and evidence-based techniques have empowered me to navigate the complexities of trauma and rebuild my life. If you’re seeking a compassionate and skilled therapist, Kara is truly remarkable.”